Junagadh is one of the ancient, historical and pilgrimage city beneath, Mount Girnar. Junagadh known as “SORATH – REGION” is famous for Saint, Sura (Warrior) & Sawaz (Lion) and only breeding centre of Asiatic Lion in Sakkarbaug Zoo (One of the oldest Zoos in India) at Junagadh.

       The original Concept to ascend & to descend competition of Mount Girnar, Created by some one, was imaginary impossible fancy at first glance.

       The first competition was started by Gujarati daily ‘PHULCHHAB’ News Paper published from Rajkot in the year 1971 and was continued up to 1979 there by 9 (Nine) competitions were arranged during this period.

       10th Competition was conducted by Vyayam Pracharak Mandal, Junagadh in the year 1984.

       11th Competition was conducted by the then “State Bank of Saurashtra”, Bhavnagar on Dt. 3rd Feb 1991.

       12th Competition Was conducted by Govt. of Gujarat on 29th Dec 1996 and is still continued. Conduction at National level Since 2010.

       There are Four Groups, Senior Boys / Girls age group of 19 to 35 Years, Junior Boys / Girls age group of 14 to 18 Years.

       Ambaji Temple, a highest summit 3600 ft. in height at 5500 steps in the terminal point for Senior / Junior Boys.

       Mali Parab, enroot at 2200 steps in the terminal point for Senior / Junior Girls.

       There is time limit, Boys should have to complete within 90 minutes and Half hour & Girls should have to complete in 75 minutes. They have to ascend and to descend though steps only Most thrilling and adventurous competition held only at Junagadh ( Gujarat ) every year.


  District Sport Officer, Junagadh is conducting various sports tournaments at District & State level under the aegis of Youth Services & Cultural Activities, Govt. of Gujarat. Moreover District Administration and District Sport Office, Junagadh jointly conducting this Mount Girnar Competition every year.

       Ascending & Descending a Mount Girnar Competition has become the most thrilling, exiting and adventurous project of State Govt. This competition provides extra ordinary skill of adventure of the youth of Gujarat.

       Budding talents from all over Gujarat and other states are coming to display their skill talent and sportsmanship and now from all over India participants are coming since 2008.

       The purpose of the Youth Service & Cultural Activities ( Y S & C A ) Govt. of Gujarat is to pick up tiny toddlers from the grass root i.e. from the school level and give them a chance to uplift from tender age. This would give much needed boost to this type of game of Scaling, Trekking etc. in the state.

       Also giving coaching to the participants to boost sports activities.


       All the roads forwards Mount Girnar are being closed for vehicles. Pilgrims are not allowed to ascend Mount Girnar Temples before 20 Hrs. However allowed to descend after 14-00 Hrs. Whom so ever have detained at the said Temples.

       At ever 100 steps these remains Police with walky talky teams of Medical Staff, Blood Bank Volunteers and other serviceable persons available to render services to the competitors in emergency who have to Pin up their I.Q. cards issued by the collectorate failing which these staff are not allowed in any condition or excuse of any type.

       After descending they will be served with glucose, lemon etc.. The medicines being supplied if needed or as the case may be. All the participants have to remain present at their accommodated place, day in advance. Participants, Officially and Volunteers etc. are being provided nice hospitality e.g. Lunch, Dinner and accommodation.

       The competition starts at 7:00 am. The first batch of 10 Boys being given flag off followed by another batches of 10 Boys at interval of every 20 Second.

       Officials on terminal points noting down their Chest Number in prescribed Forms and Affix Block Impression on their Chest Number without disturbing their movement.

       All the precautionary measures being taken by the State Govt. All the timings of this competition are computerized and final thereof is announced by the district administration.

       Ten prizes with certificates are distributed to each of the four groups, consisting of ten each thereby. Thus 40 (Forty) competitors get prizes trophies and cash award from the sponsors.

       Each participant is issued participation certificate, except 40 winners will got their certificates with position gained with timing. Moreover all the participants get T-Shirts and P-Cap also from the sponsors.


Participants are divided into 4 groups according to their age. These four groups are Senior Boys and Senior Girls of 19 to 35 Years. Junior Boys and Junior Girls of 14 to 18 Years.

       Ambaji Temple ( Goddess of Amba ) is at 5500 Steps height at 3600 ft., is the terminal point both for Senior and Junior Boys.

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