Classmate Spell Bee 2014 powered by The Times of India is a spelling competition for students from standard 5th to standard 9th. This contest tests the spelling quotient of the students which has been deteriorating, given the wide acceptance of English slang’s and the SMS text language. This contest helps in transforming students in being competitive, challenging and inculcates a spirit of good sportsmanship towards spellings which we believe in turn is an invaluable tool for language enhancement. 

So buckle up, as Radio Mirchi, A Times of India Group, brings to you the sixth edition of the property. 

The contest will engage in a variety of methods to test the students on spellings, offering the perfect pronunciations and supplying the etymological meaning of each word. In this competition, the student has to self learn, which invariably improves retention power of students and it assists the students in being confident and reach their maximum potential.

The Classmate Spell Bee Season 7 National Champion wins a cash prize of
RS 2,00,000/- and an all-expense paid trip to Washington D.C with one parent to watch the Scripps National Spelling Bee live.

Four National Finalists will win a cash prize of RS 50, 000/- each.

Please read the following rules and regulations before registering for the test.

The competition will undergo four Levels:

The competition starts with Level 1 tests conducted in schools and online, followed by a Level 2 online round, followed by two rounds of Level 3 that are invigilated online rounds and finally culminates into an exciting televised Level 4 National championship.

Level 1: School Level

School Contact Program

Online Test
Season 7 of Classmate Spell Bee makes it possible for every eligible student in India to take the test in Level 1 by taking it online. *Top scorers from the online test will also be invited to Level 2 of the competition. If a student belongs to a city that is not part of list of cities being reached out to via the School Contact Program, he / she can participate
+91 955 455 9944
(available from 9am to 6pm)

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