Canadian International School aims to attract the strongest candidates that the local Bangalore area and beyond has to offer, while benefiting students who might not otherwise be able to avail of a CIS education. 

Infusing into their community of learners, outstanding individuals looking to take on the International Baccalaureate program, makes CIS a richer and more vibrant school. The CIS Scholarship Program has these goals in mind, as the school pushes forward into the future.  Success breeds success, and CIS understands that better and brighter students, striving for perfection, serve to strengthen them as a school of note in India and South East Asia.

  • The CIS Scholarship Program is available to all new applicants to CIS for Grade 11 (IB).
  • Candidate must have a minimum 80% in previous Grade or (Decision on minimum equivalent grade for students coming from different grading system rests solely with CIS Scholarship Committee.)
  • Selection factors will also include
    • statement of need,
    • evidence of academic excellence,
    • leadership qualities
    • significant artistic or athletic achievement
    • civic involvement/volunteerism
    • engagement in school activities
  • Students whose fees are paid by parents’ companies cannot be considered for Scholarship Program.
  • Download and complete the Application form and post it to them along with the following documents. Alternatively, you can scan the application and accompanying documents and send everything as an attachment to: Do not forget to mention in the email subject
  • Submit the following documents along with the completed form
    • One passport size photograph
    • Copy of Birth Certificate
    • Grade 9 final and the most recent Grade 10 reports
    • Essay (not more than 600 words) reflecting evidence of financial need, personal achievements, leadership skills, contribution to community service.
  • Application deadline – 4:00 p.m. Wednesday, January 20th

Sector NO 4 & 20, 
Near Kendriya Vihar Apartment
Contact- 42494444, 64514002

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