Context, purposes and objective

The purpose of the contest is to recognize an innovative automotive equipment project chosen from submissions by students from around the world. The competition invites students from engineering, technology and science schools and universities worldwide to take an active role in automobile innovation. Their task is to come up with automotive solutions that will make cars smarter and more intuitive by 2030. The students will be asked to develop bold, revolutionary solutions for the communities of tomorrow. 

The contest serves to demonstrate that innovation is part of Valeo’s DNA and that Research & Development are a priority for the company. This strategy guides the work of Valeo’s 9,000 engineers, who innovate daily to invent the car of tomorrow. 

Projects will be judged on the following criteria :

  • Boldness, innovation and originality.
  • Importance and relevance of the problem addressed and consideration of social needs.
  • Presentation quality of the submission.
  • Technical proficiency.
  • Feasibility and construction of the prototype.

The 20 projects shortlisted for the prototyping phase will receive funding as outlined in Article 12 below.

The winning team will receive a €100,000 grant. 
The second- and third-place teams will each receive a grant of €10,000. All entries must be submitted by 12 noon CET on February 2, 2015.


Article 1. Organizer

The contest is organized by Valeo, a French société anonyme (joint stock company) with capital of €238,387,620, hereinafter referred to as "the organizer." Its registered office is located at 43, rue Bayen, 75848 Paris Cedex 17, France. Valeo is registered in Paris under no. 552 030 967.


Article 2. Object of the contest

The challenge: Take an active role in automotive innovation by designing a prototype that will make cars smarter and more intuitive by 2030 and developing bold and revolutionary solutions for the future.

Article 3. Eligibility and entry requirements

The contest is open to students from engineering, technology and science schools and universities worldwide. Submissions are limited to one per person (same name and same e-mail address). 
Teams may be multidisciplinary and draw on the skills of students in other fields such as design, sociology, philosophy, urban planning, architecture, biology, etc. 
Participants must have permission to travel outside their country of residence and, by September 2015, have a passport that is valid for at least six months past the date of the awards ceremony (September 2015). 
Each team leader should assemble all of the documents and banking information – IBAN, Swift number, bank name and country of residence – that will be requested prior to disbursement of the funding for the prototyping phase (see Article 12). 
The following individuals are not eligible to compete in the contest:

  • Employees of the organizer, its subsidiaries, its parent company or companies managed by the same parent company and their children.
  • Individuals who helped organize the contest and their children.
  • Individuals with a conflict of interest.

Article 4. Submission deadline

Entries may be submitted beginning October 17, 2014 and must be received by 12 noon CET on February 2, 2015. 
The awards ceremony will take place in September 2015 at the Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA) in Germany. 
The organizer reserves the right to change the contest dates due to force majeure or any event beyond its control. It will not accept any liability for the consequences of any such changes.

Article 5. Contest terms and conditions

Participants may register for the contest by completing the online registration form available at the dedicated website: 
Incomplete or incorrect registration forms will not be accepted and will automatically and by right entail the exclusion of the team from the contest. 
Participants are required to compete under their legal name. The organizer reserves the right to take all necessary steps to verify their identity.

Participants must compete in teams of two to five people. Teams will not be considered final until the registration period is over. Members may be added or removed from teams while registration is ongoing (October 17, 2014 to February 2, 2015). No changes to a team’s composition will be permitted once the registration period ends.

Each team shall designate a team leader to represent it. The leader will handle all communication with Valeo. The team leader shall coordinate with the other team members and shall be personally responsible for the use and possible distribution of funds provided by Valeo to help finance the project (see Article 12). Valeo will not accept any claims related to use or distribution of these funds.

By entering the contest, participants agree, without exception, to abide by all of the contest’s rules, rules of ethical conduct, and all laws, regulations and other rules applicable in France. 
The organizer is not required to return submissions to participants following the contest’s conclusion.

Article 6. Contest procedure

The selection process is as follows :

Phase 1: Call for entries and registration

From October 17, 2014 to 12 noon CET on February 2, 2015

During the call for entries and following the official start of the contest at the 2014 Paris Motor Show (communicated via press releases, Valeo’s website and social media), the organizer will inform eligible students about the contest through their schools or universities and the organizer’s own communication channels.

Students are invited to form teams of two to five people, register for the contest at and submit their project by February 2, 2015.

During Phase 1, teams are allowed to modify their project submission, whether to add or remove team members or adjust the content originally submitted.

The organizer’s specifications for this phase will be posted online at

Project Selection

With the assistance of Valeo’s marketing and R&D expert networks, the organizer will select the top 20 projects from the entries it receives. 
Valeo will announce its selection to all the participating teams. The names of the 20 shortlisted teams will be posted on the website and on social media on April 1, 2015.

The jury’s decision is final and the jury is under no obligation to explain the reasons for its decision, which is therefore not subject to appeal.

Phase 2: Prototyping

From April 1, 2015 to 12 noon CET on July 17, 2015

The 20 qualifying teams will have 16 weeks to finalize their project (description and prototype). The organizer’s specifications for this phase will be available online at

After the jury has made its decision, the 20 contending teams will receive an email announcing the contest’s results, no later than September 1, 2015. 
At the same time, a list of the six teams selected to present their project to the jury in conjonction with the Frankfurt Motorshow will be posted on the website and on social media on September 1, 2015.

The jury’s decision is final and the jury is under no obligation to explain the reasons for its decision, which is therefore not subject to appeal.

Phase 3: Awards

The winning team and second- and third-place teams will be announced and presented with an award in conjunction with the Frankfurt Motor Show (2015 IAA) in September 2015.

Note: The jury’s decision is final and the jury is under no obligation to explain the reasons for its decision, which is therefore not subject to appeal.

Article 9. Grant

The team selected as the grand prizewinner based on the criteria defined by Valeo will receive one hundred thousand euros (€100,000), distributed evenly among all team members by bank transfer. The second- and third-place teams will each receive ten thousand euros (€10,000), distributed equally among all the members of each team. 
In the event of a tie, the amount of one hundred thousand euros (€100,000) will be shared evenly among the members of the two winning teams, such that each team receives fifty thousand euros (€50,000).

Article 12. Financial support

The 20 teams selected to build a model for phase 2 will each have €5,000 to develop their idea and build a functional prototype, which could be physical equipment or software. The funds will be distributed by bank transfer before April 20, 2015 to each team leader, who must have a bank account set up in his/her name by that date.

The organizer will defray the cost of travel to Frankfurt, Germany for all members of the six finalist teams, including round-trip airfare and accommodation. This does not include meals, beverages, personal expenses, trips and entertainment not provided by the organizer; these will be at the sole expense of the finalists.

Article 18. Contacts

Participants may address questions at any time to:

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