The category in which the photogary competion is divided are :


On any given day, as humans we feel a variety of emotions, but one of the most beautiful and heart-warming emotions we can feel, is happiness. This eternal search for happiness has inspired humankind to embark, not only on incredible life journeys, but experience great life moments. It takes a keen photographer’s eye to capture these secret moments of happiness.


A category for the adventurer at heart, wildlife photography captures all creatures great and small roaming free within their natural habitat. Photographers are invited to take us on a journey of discovery into the wild, and intrigue us with a rare insight into life within the animal kingdom.


No bond compares to the bonds we have within our families; and no bond is greater than that which we share with our parents. We invite photographers to celebrate and capture what’s at the heart of the relationship a father holds with his son. A son has a unique relationship with his father, constantly aspiring to grow and be nurtured under his wing, to one day step out into the world and be the man he always saw, when he looked into his father’s eyes; Truly the makings of an awe-inspiring photograph.


A category as broad as ‘General’ can be mistaken for lacking inspiration for a photographer, but for a true artist it’s all the direction they need. A photographer sees great compositions around every corner, whether it be walking down the street, driving a car, enjoying lunch in a restaurant, or just relaxing at home. It’s for this very reason that photographer’s best friend will always be their beloved camera; because you never know when inspiration will strike you next.

  1. Participants must be individuals aged eighteen (18) years and over at the time of their Submission(s).
  2. The Competition is open for online submissions only (the Submissions), through the Competition Online Registration page available on
  3. You may submit up to one (1) Photo in each category of the Competition. You must provide one (1) title for each Photo. 
  4. Submitted Photo(s) must be in JPEG format, with high quality and resolution, of a minimum 2 MB in size and suitable for publication.
  5. Black and white Photos are permitted in all the categories of the Competition.
  1. You can submit photos through the official HIPA website
  2. Registration is available through the HIPA website; all rules must be read and accepted before registration.
  3. After successfully uploading any photo(s), you will receive a confirmation email. 

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