International Children's Excellence Fund ( INCEF ) is an international philanthropic organization, established to motivate and help young children for being educated as per need of tomorrow's global requirement and advancement. It also work to bring awareness among the parents about the changed and changing situation and need of the world around them, so that they could think properly to educate their children well and in a programmed way.

Keeping in mind the future need and scenario of the developed and still developing world, the INCEF planned and designed the method and pattern how to educate each and every child of the country so that on maturity, he/she could stand on his/her legs as a successful person of his/her field and profession.

The INCEF, thus formed with the above aim and objects.It is incorporated in India by eminent persons and to function properly, formed a Board of Trustees and to have a legal responsibility and identity it was made duly registered at Delhi under Indian Trusts Act 1882. It has its corporate office at West Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi-26

Talented children (of either sex) having age between 5 and 9 years

Application can be done Online or By Post. 

Amount of Rs. 3000/- (Rupees Three Thousand only) for Selection Test Fee of the boy / girl for the said Merit Scholarship Test is being sent with the form by A/c payee Bank Draft / At-par cheque in favour of “INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN’S EXCELLENCE FUND” payable at New Delhi.

International Children's Excellence Fund (INCEF)
For Eastern India Zone,
Buddhist Mission Campus,
Bariatu Road,
Contact: 09234300583

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