This program is designed for exchange students for a period of one to four months (duration of an academic semester) at the Bachelor’s or Master’s degree level.

Your application will be selected on the basis of your academic excellence, as well as the consistency and quality of your statement of purpose. There is no CGPA / percentage cut-off for the scholarship. Knowledge of French will be an asset but is not mandatory.

Student must : 

  • be an Indian national and reside in India
  • not more than be 30 years old maximum at the time of application
  • be currently enrolled at an Indian institution of higher learning that has a tie-up with the French Institution where the applicant will pursue an exchange semester. Please note that it is mandatory.
  • Final semester project and laboratory research in a partner insitute in France is not applicable


Step I: Download

Download the application form: Exchange program 

Step 2: Complete

Read your application form carefully. You will fill each section of the Word format
document by using Arial, font size 10. Do not alter the format of the application form.

Your statement of purpose should explain why you chose the French institution to which you have applied or been admitted, as well as your future plans upon completion of the course. Explain why you would be a worthy candidate for the scholarship.Your statement of purpose should be one to two pages long (minimum/maximum length). Important – Please ensure that your statement of purpose is original. 

Step 3: Submit

Send the following documents to 

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